​No current events in 2019

In 2019, we counted with donations from different people, churches, employer match donations from Google employees and medical donations from the nonprofit organization MA Center (Amma) in Castro Valley. Our volunteers increased from 22 to 45 active volunteers this year. We currently count with a dance group that showcases Venezuelan typical music and culture.

We expanded our reach from 6 to 11 different states in Venezuela. We proudly donate to Aragua, Merida, Carabobo, Distrito Capital, Miranda, Anzoategui, Bolivar, Monagas, Tachira, Cojedes, and Vargas. We are able to distribute donations with the help of volunteers extending to individual’s request, organizations and hospitals in Venezuela depending on the donations that we receive and are able to send to our volunteers. Below are some of the organizations such as Oncological Institute Luis Razetti in Caracas and Barcelona, Medicatura of Santa Barbara, Fundacion Grandes Esperanza, Hospital Ruiz Paez in Bolivar, Manos a la Obra por Venezuela, Fundacion Ponte en Sus Zapatos, Proyecto Tepui, Fundacion Raziel, Ayuda Humanitaria Para Venezuela, Asociacion Civil de Oncoaliado in Cantaura, Hospital Punta de Mata, Instituto Autonomo de Proteccion Civil in Anzoategui and Tachira, Fundacion Center in Caracas, Hospital Oncologo in Tachira, Facultad de Bionalisis in Tachira, Hospital Dr. Enrique Tejera, Ambulatorio Mario Bordones, Fundación La Sopita de Fernando, Fundación Dar más que recibir Hospital, J.M. De los Rios and Hospital Miguel Carreño.

Please stay tune for events in 2020.

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